Please contact via email. Please phone for any urgent inquiries. Also see in person for business cards with contact details. Alternatively send a message to the Giles Stelfox Facebook page (not personal account). Responses with be sent within 24 hours. Giles holds a full UK Drivers License, PRS and PPL Memberships and a current DBS Certificate. He is also covered with Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance and a registered member of the Musicians Union. All his equipment is PAT tested and insured. 

Check availability and schedule below on the calendar for any booking clashes.

Additional Information

Any work carried out will require travel and maintenance expenses covered by clients wishing to work with Giles Stelfox, except in exceptional circumstances which will be discussed upfront. Current travel and maintenance rates are as follows: All public transport will be covered (plus tax) in full (full price of travel receipts) which includes bus, train, taxi, air travel and sea travel and other public transport systems. For personal car travel, the current rates are 20p per mile which will cover fuel and maintenance costs. All travel payments should be made upfront and travel arrangements confirmed at least 24 hours before any work is carried out. Invoices will be sent out at least 24 hours before the intended work for calculated travel and maintenance costs. Extra invoices will be made for any unscheduled expenses (travel detours) within 5 working days and will require payment within 30 days, or one month of issuing. Expenses are lenient to small unscheduled travel detours which are no more than £5.00 in cost. Accommodation will be discussed upfront and any expenses will be invoiced in full. Any personal expenses will be invoiced in addition if they are considerably large (such as costs for food, extra gear etc). All are flexible to small changes, but these are the base terms and conditions.

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