Giles has co-written with artists ranging in a number of different styles. From the Rn'B vibes of Lauren Dejey, to the alternative and rock sounds of The Science of The Lamps, he brings a unique sound to his songs and focuses on all elements and the 'bigger picture'. Primarily he writes on keyboards and guitars, but utilises programming and beat mapping to create beats and backing tracks for artists and everything in between. Due to his knowledge of theory and his perfect pitch, he can easily interpret ideas and arrange and create parts very quickly and creatively. Recently he has been co-writing with alternative artist Ruby Duff, and also as a solo artist.

To co-write music, and/or co-produce with Giles, please see 'Contact' to book a session with him at Studio 91 or elsewhere.

Giles is a keen arranger of popular music for studio and live purposes. Linking to his backing track programming skills, he also arranges musical ensembles for live performances to recreate the sounds of the recording live. This ranges from musical phrasings, parts scoring/charting and sound design for synthesizers and live samples. He has great aural skills to understand timbre, and he also has 'Perfect Pitch' to interpret chords and keys and also melodic ideas with the ability to notate these without the need for a reference key. He understands popular music and classical theory in order to notate ideas and score for strings, brass and other instruments outside rhythm sections of popular music. He is a user of Avid Sibelius 7.5 to score and chart which is an industry standard software. Giles can offer services from charting popular songs to arranging and composing string ensembles for studio recording and live sessions. 

"Giles' understanding of his role in all situations, I have worked with him in, is fantastic. He is a very efficient and hard worker and achieved results in everything he turns his hand to. A fantastic producer, drummer and arranger he is always a pleasure to work with."

-  Angus Parkin (Conan Mac, The Science of The Lamps,
Solo-Artist, Lonely Ocean)

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