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Giles Stelfox is a record producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from the South UK, near Newbury. Since 2015 he has been active professionally working in studios across the South as a producer and engineer, and touring the country as a musician and live performer. Starting out initially as an intern at Studio 91 in Newbury, he has been building up his career and achievements to date. Working in a professional studio hosting clients such as 'Amber Run', 'Bring Me The Horizon' and 'Fickle Friends', Giles learnt the graft of studio work and the black art of record production and mixing. During his time at ACM he built up his discography and collaborations with artists such as 'Sophie & The Giants', 'Tilly Valentine' and 'Chinchilla'. Combining the love of both performing and producing, Giles now undergoes an almost split career with his music.

After graduating ACM in 2017, Giles has extensively toured the UK with band 'The Science of The Lamps' as their drummer playing such festivals as Threshold (Liverpool), North Atlantic Flux (Hull), SPECTRA Festival of Light (Aberdeen), Notting Hill Carnival (London) and ALSO Festival (Warwick). He has collaborated with Big Smoke Productions in London on professional sessions for artists 'Risking Nostalgia' and 'DUKE and The Dry Cleaners' more recently.

Since 2018, he took the plunge into a career as a solo-artist and has released 7 singles to date. His music combines guitar driven indie-rock with lush pop and R&B soundscapes, and then fuses them with modern synth layers which he self produces. He has recently released his new singles 'I'm Not In Love (I'm Only Calling You)' and 'You Talk Dirty With Wine' to all major digital streaming sites.


After a period of inactivity due to the global situation, and a break away from music for personal reasons, Giles is back setting the foundations for new music due to be released very soon. He is currently in writing sessions and rehearsing his spectacular live looping show for events in 2020 and beyond.

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