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Giles Stelfox is a record producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Reading, UK. Since 2018, he has been active professionally working in studios across the south as a producer and engineer, whilst regularly performing across the country as a live solo performer and session musician.
Starting out in 2015 as an intern at Studio 91 in Newbury, Giles has built up a professional career in the industry both working in studios and performing gigs. Giles learnt the craft of studio work and the art of record production and mixing from Platinum selling and Billboard No.1 record Producer, Sam Winfield. Between 2015 and 2017, Giles studied at ACM Guildford, where he built up his discography and collaborated with artists such as Sophie & The Giants, Tilly Valentine and Chinchilla.

In 2017/18, Giles extensively toured the UK with Liverpool based collective 'The Science of The Lamps' as their main drummer, fronted by Kaya Herstad-Carney. He performed at a number of festivals including: Threshold (Liverpool), North Atlantic Flux (Hull), SPECTRA Festival of Light (Aberdeen), Notting Hill Carnival (London) and ALSO Festival (Warwick). Over the last few years, he has collaborated with Big Smoke Productions in London on professional sessions for alt rock band Risking Nostalgia and funkadelic group DUKE and The Dry Cleaners. Giles is the current touring bass player for singer-songwriter Joe Hicks, who recently went on 'The Best I Could Tour at The Time 2023' UK tour to support the release of Joe's debut album.

In 2018, Giles launched his career as a solo-artist and has released 9 original singles to date. His self-produced music combines guitar driven indie-rock with lush pop and R&B soundscapes. His 4 most recent singles 'I'm Not In Love (I'm Only Calling You), 'You Talk Dirty With Wine', 'Cityscapes' and 'Why Do We Lose Them?' are available on all major digital streaming sites. At the end of 2021, Giles began performing solo again, playing shows across the UK with his acoustic live-looping set. On 19th February 2022 he was a finalist for the Pilton Stage Glastonbury Competition, where he performed an originals showcase in front of Sir Michael Eavis CBE and record industry executives. Giles is set to release new music in 2024 and beyond after a brief songwriting hiatus.


Currently, Giles is writing new music and performing & producing on sessions at Studio 91 again and is now a full time member of the team. In 2022, he started working for music agencies 'Event UK, Gigrealm and LastMinuteMusicians' as a solo acoustic covers performer. In 2023, he performed over 80 covers sets in pubs, at weddings and parties across the UK. He is continuing to gig his spectacular live looping show on the covers circuit in the south with many dates booked in already until the summer.
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