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Giles Stelfox creates the music of a solo-artist with the sound of a band; an independent artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Reading, UK. He fuses guitar-driven indie rock and DIY pop production with self-produced lush Rn'B and synth-pop soundscapes. Challenging the definition of live performance, he live loops all the layers of his music that he creates from scratch, whilst still showcasing his charisma and attention-grabbing energy to connect with a crowd. His most recent 4 singles have been featured and acclaimed by BBC Introducing. His 'Live at Studio 91' performance videos have been showcased by VOxjam, and he has been a semi-finalist for The Pilton Stage Glastonbury competition 2022, performing in front of Michael Eavis.

"An ingenious artist who manages to flesh out his pop songs with just himself and his own wizardry" - Shaun Keaveny, BBC Radio 6.

Why Do We Lose Them - Artwork [Full Size


Giles Stelfox is an independent artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Reading, UK. Giles' music combines energetic guitar-driven indie rock with DIY pop production, fused with lush R&B layers that he self-produces. His songcraft and lyrical themes cover romance, social issues, obsession, image and self-reflection, turned around in an upbeat and optimistic way that is relatable and catchy. As an up and coming artist, Giles started his solo career in 2018, establishing his sound and notably debut singles 'Your Intentions' and 'Heart You Hide'. Playing all the instruments on his records, Giles incorporates his multi-instrumentalist talents into his live show, with the art of live looping, where he creates the sound of a band whilst only performing solo. Giles has been featured on BBC Introducing Berkshire and his 'Live at Studio 91 Sessions' videos have been showcased on the virtual festival 'VOxjam’, with an introduction and acclaim by Shaun Keaveny from BBC Radio 6. In 2020, Giles released new singles 'You Talk Dirty With Wine', ‘Cityscapes’ and ‘Why Do We Lose Them?’. He has most recently been a semi-finalist at The Pilton Stage, Glastonbury competition 2022, performing in front of music industry legends, including Michael Eavis. He is currently performing more shows than ever before and is set to skyrocket in 2023, with new music in progress.

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Years Active: 2018-Present

Location: Reading, UK

Genres: Indie Rock, Alt Pop


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Giles plays either acoustic or electric live looping solo sets depending on tech requirements, stage time and logistics. His solo setup is a looping show where Giles layers multiple instruments, inspired by artists such as Jack Garratt, Jacob Collier and KT Tunstall. He uses a Headrush Looperboard as the main loopstation for both his electric and solo sets.



"An ingenious artist who manages to flesh out his pop songs with just himself and his own wizardry" - Shaun Keaveny, BBC Radio 6.

BBC Introducing South and Kennet Radio, Newbury have featured Giles' latest tracks 'You Talk Dirty With Wine' and 'I'm Not In Love (I'm Only Calling You)' on BBC Radio Berkshire and have been acclaimed by both Bridgitte Tetteh and Linda Serck.

"While he's a name that has yet to cross a lot of minds, Giles Stelfox has a lot of credits to his relatively young music career. Having primarily focused as a recording engineer, producer and freelance live musician for a variety of unsigned acts - The Science of the Lamps, Tilly Valentine and Chinchilla amongst others - until now he has turned his multi-instrumentalist talents into a debut solo release, 'Time'. And it's an impressive one: a soft pop number clocking in at just under five minutes, with components that hint at both smooth ambient electronica and jazzy prog rock. It's catchy, well thought out, sophisticated and well worth a listen." - The Modern Record.


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