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Giles is an experienced guitarist and bass player who has performed on numerous sessions, in the studio and live. From playing with bands at festivals to pit bands for musicals and functions, he has experience across many genres and styles. He is the current touring bass player for singer-songwriter, Joe Hicks.

Giles has worked in the studio, playing for artists on a number of records and as a producer, is very proficient in the studio etiquette and understanding the approach for each song and musical style. Live, he has an extensive collection of professional quality gear for almost any gig and stage. He plays guitar primarily as a solo artist, and has played both bass and guitar for artists including James Walker, The Science of The Lamps and Lauren Dejey.

Guitar/Bass Gear

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster

Fender Squire Precision Bass

Faith Venus Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Headrush Gigboard Guitar Amp Simulator

Headrush Looperboard 4-Channel Looper

Headrush (Alto) FRFR-112 Powered Speakers

Line 6 G30 Wireless System

D’addario Strings and Accessories

Van Damme/Neutrik Cables

Gator Instrument Cases

SKB Portable Rack Cases

Shure IEMs & Wired Packs


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