Giles is an experienced guitarist and bass player playing on numerous sessions, in studio scenarios and live shows over the last 5 years of playing the guitar professionally. From playing in bands at festivals, to pit bands for musicals and functions, he has professional experience in many genres, styles and areas. Guitar is his primary instrument and he is fully self taught from a young age. As a musician, he has the unique natural ability of perfect pitch, coupled with great aural skills to be able to play anything presented to him by ear. However, he also reads music, full scores or charts and understands music theory.

Giles has great experience in the studio playing for artists on a number of records and as a producer, is very proficient in the studio etiquette and understanding the approach for each song and musical style. Live, he has an extensive collection of professional quality gear for any gig and any stage size. He plays guitar primarily as a solo artist, and has played bass for artists including James Walker and Joe Hicks. He plays finger-style, slap or picked bass guitar depending on the song. Giles' gear includes Fender guitars & basses, Fractal Audio amplifiers, Hartke bass amplifiers and Zilla cabinets. He plays D'addario strings and picks exclusively and uses Line 6 wireless products.

He has also played in musical pit bands professionally, from Grease! to Joseph and many in between, he has built up a professional understanding of theatre shows. He not only plays the material presented, but creates the suitable tones and sounds in depth for the shows. from 60s brittle rock n' roll tones to large spacey effects. Utilising his extensive collection of equipment, including the Axe FX Ultra preamp, he can recreate almost any sound, coupled with playing techniques to imitate the original musical recordings.

Guitar/Bass Gear

Fender® American Standard Stratocaster

Fender® Classic Player Jazzmaster

Fender® Squire Sig. Matt Freeman Precision Bass

Faith® Venus Acoustic Guitar

Fractal Audio® Axe FX Ultra Guitar Preamp

Boss® RC-30 Dual Track Looper

Line 6® Wireless Systems

Behringer® MIDI Foot Controllers

Native Instruments® Foot Controllers

D’addario® Strings and Planet Waves Accessories

Van Damme®/Neutrik® Cables

Gator® ProGo Guitar & Bass Cases

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