Giles is a versatile, dedicated and flexible musician who has been actively playing on sessions, in bands, functions and as a solo artist since 2015. His multi-instrumentalist talents and musical playing ability have been acclaimed by many, and his hard working, non-compromise attitude has made him efficient and easy to work with. He plays guitar and drums primarily as his main session instruments, but also plays bass guitar, keyboard and electronic instruments. He can read music, learn by ear, and also has both great improvisational skills and the ability to play to click tracks live (as well as catering for them via Ableton). Giles has an extensive collection of professional quality equipment, including his own top of the line Tama drum kit, Fender guitars & basses and he can also supply his own 2000w PA system.

"Giles has quickly become one of my favourite musicians to work with; creative, diligent, musical and reliable, he has been a fantastic addition to the Science of the Lamps team!  As a performer he is energetic and performs with boundless energy and integrity!"

-  Kaya Herstad-Carney (The Science of The Lamps, Paul McCartney, Session Vocalist)


Live, Giles is a charismatic and energetic performer who knows how to engage with a crowd from his enthusiastic approach to live entertainment. Whether he is performing in the spotlight at the front on guitar or bass, providing the backbeat from behind the kit or supporting from the side on keyboards & electronic instruments, he has mastered the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ musician occupancy whilst always knowing his role in the group. He has experience playing in festivals across the country and in Europe including; Threshold Festival, Sound City Festival, ALSO Festival, Oxford Carnival, Aberdeen Festival of Light and Notting Hill Carnival to name a few. In 2017 he played over 25 summer festivals. He has toured all over the UK in Liverpool, Warwick, Chester, London, Oxford, Aberdeen and many other towns and cities. As a musician, he primarily specialises in rock, pop and contemporary genres, but also plays R&B, soul, fusion, jazz, and electronic genres.


Notable live artist and acts he has performed for include; Emergency Tiara (Drums), Tilly Valentine (Drums), Chinchilla (Keys & Drums), Joe Hicks (Bass Guitar, Drums & Percussion) and Lauren Dejey (Guitar & Keys). He has experience working with world class musicians, performing alongside Kaya Herstad Carney for her collective ‘The Science of The Lamps’ whom he currently drums for. For live session enquiries, please email below.


Giles has performed on numerous recording sessions in studios across the country. Notable artists include; James Walker, Joe Hicks, and ‘The Science of The Lamps’. He has recently recorded in Metropolis Studios in London, Big Smoke Studios in Wembley, and is currently the in-house session drummer and bassist at Studio 91 in Newbury. He also works in association with Big Smoke Productions as one of their session musicians. Giles is known for his ability to come up with ideas and parts working with songwriters, and his quick aural skills to learn and interpret parts under pressure. He has a 1:1 degree in contemporary music production so understands the studio etiquette and also the studio equipment. 


Drums are his main recording instrument. He has an extensive collection of high quality Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals and various Meinl percussion. He can cater for genres ranging from jazz/acoustic music with brushes and mallets, all the way to rock and hard hitting beat tracking. Giles’ has clear concepts for drum tuning and treatment to suit each session or track, which match his approach to performance for the style/vibe of the song. From big open rock tunings, to tight R&B kits, all the way to electronic drums and big 80s ‘sampled’ drum sounds.


For guitar and bass he takes the same sonic approach, utilising his performance skills from fingerstyle acoustic playing to hard hitting electric guitar or slap bass. His main guitar amp is the Fractal Audio Axe FX-Ultra, where he can create just about any tone or sound with the range of amplifiers and effects. He has perfect pitch, so can aurally learn music by ear very quickly.


Giles is an experienced function musician and performer, who has performed at weddings, covers sets, acoustic functions, charity events and professional club events across the UK. He has an extensive repertoire for drums, guitar, bass guitar and also as a solo act. He both works with groups as a freelance session player, and also has his own solo looping set for a wide range of events. His solo set comprises of either acoustic or electric sets (depending on event), where he loops guitar, keyboards and percussion live. Giles has a large collection of professional standard gear on all his disciplines, including the ability to support backing tracks & click tracks live to add that extra element to any show.

As a solo performer, Giles is energetic and charismatic with the ability to capture the attention of any audience. He is a virtuosic performer with multi-instrumentalist talents, and his unique use of music technology to create a one-man-band show adds another dimension to his live show. He plays a mixture of a covers focused set, with originals where necessary. Giles’ solo sets comprise of either acoustic instruments (acoustic guitar, cajon and keyboard), or his electronic set (electric guitar, drum pads, live drums and keyboard all linked to Ableton live). He can cater for any volume, atmosphere, or occasion from solo acoustic up to full Ed Sheeran/ Jack Garratt style live show. Giles travels with his PA system and modest set of stage lighting. For more information or to book Giles, please email


Repertoire list and live photography coming soon.

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