Private one-to-one instrumental lessons, production workshops and songwriting tips.

Lessons in Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Music Production.

One-to-one lessons via Skype video link, ranging from 30-45 minutes.

Professional teaching and music industry experience.



Giles is a freelance music tutor offering private one-to-one lessons in Drums, Guitar & Bass Guitar, Music Production and Songwriting from beginner level to advanced. With a music degree, teaching experience within schools from Primary to Secondary education and also advanced adult lessons, Giles is enthusiastic and knowledgable. He delivers lessons focused on practical applications of performing music and teaches relevant theory where it is needed. His approach is to get students performing and actively enjoying the instrument without a heavy reliance on theory based lessons, but seamlessly introducing theory in a more practical and applied way that keeps lessons fun. 


Giles offers private tuition for instrumental lessons, via Skype. He has a purpose built music studio with live streaming setup; equipment includes an electronic drum kit, guitar rig and facilities for high quality audio link to tutees. Music Production and Songwriting lessons will also take place at Giles' home recording studio via Skype including screen sharing for DAWs. Giles holds a current advanced DBS certificate, full UK drivers license, professional indemnity insurance and is a Musicians Union member with public liability insurance. Giles does not currently offer lessons in person.


With teaching and instructor experience, Giles has professionally taught drums to secondary level education students in a school environment on a one-to-one basis since 2018. He has also supported and lead band workshops which involve teaching band instruments and vocals to students to improve their ensemble skills. Giles is credited with being enthusiastic and patient whilst still pushing students to advance their ability, he explains advanced concepts in a coherent away that is easy to interpret. He has taught GCSE level students in preparation for their performance exams on drums and guitar. Giles is flexible with requirements and has a emphasis on providing practical lessons that are enjoyable for the students.


Instrument lessons are practical focused; teaching the skills of performing, getting to know your instrument, techniques, musicality & ensemble skills, theory & reading music and an optional look into grades. Lessons cover contemporary genres (pop, rock, rn'b, blues etc.) including free choices of pieces to suit each individual level and desired genres. Aural skills are the main focus, but reading is also an important part to advance the player's ability. Therefore, Giles also teaches how to read and understand music in addition to playing songs and learning techniques and improvisation.


- Basics of instrument technique (chords, drum rolls and scales).

- Learning to perform songs and/or essential drum beats.

- Introduction to your instrument, the 101 of all the parts.

- Introduction to reading music and how to understand notations, including TABs.


- Applying advanced instrument techniques (compound rudiments, advanced scales etc).

- Advanced song performances from multiple styles.

- In depth look at reading music scores and sight reading.

- Musicality and improvisation methods.


Giles offers an optional look into RSL graded exam preparations. RSL (Rock School) is a contemporary music exam board offering exams in Guitar, Bass and Drums. Giles teaches graded 1-8 pieces, improvisation, and additional beginner to Grade 5 music theory to advance reading skills necessary for the exams. However, this is non essential as many choose not to go down the graded exam route.


Giles' Music Production lessons are designed to give an introduction to producing music, how to use microphones and studio gear, sound mixing and editing, using DAW workstations, and more advanced production skills and engineering. Lessons cover the 5 key elements of recording music; production, recording, mixing, editing and mastering. DAWs covered include Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live.


Giles offers lessons and advice in songwriting and artist development. Covering: songwriting techniques from his personal experience in co-writing and co-producing music, advice on song-craft and development of lyrical themes, artist development - how to grow your brand and vision, tips on song structure and chord voicings, and the purpose of each instrument in the sonic landscape. Lessons supply advice to current songwriters, techniques on dealing with writers block, and also for beginners who want to start creating music. Music technology will also be covered, as a tool for writing and producing music.



30 Minute Sessions

One-to-one Skype lessons for Drums, Guitar, Bass and Vocals. Session via video link from home studio.

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30 Minute Sessions

One-to-one Skype lessons for Music Production skills. Session via video link from home studio.

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30 Minute Sessions

One-to-one Skype lessons for Songwriting and Artist Development. Session via video link from home studio.

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All prices are in reference to recommendations by the Musicians Union and the MU’s Education Committee and are based below current instructor rates for one-to-one and small-group tuition. Prices as of March 2020. Cancellation fees: 50% within 48 hours, full fee within 24 hours.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lessons will be exclusively based on Skype until further notice.